Next International Training Camp in Alcobendas

04 febrero 2013



International training in Alcobendas


From the 14th to the 20th of February a small training camp will take place in the Family Sport Gym in Alcobendas with young talented Finnish Athletes.


These talented athletes will participate in the international exchange program of the Hankuk International School: Education, Culture and Sport.


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The goal of the exchange program with young athletes from different countries is to create international friendships through sport, cultural exchanges and to practice english which is extremely important for everyone due to World Globalization.


The training camp consists of training sessions, a competition (2nd Hankuk League tournament), cultural expeditions and the athletes will stay in family houses where they can learn about spanish traditions, food and communicate in english.


The athletes from Finland are:


  • Roosa Närhi
  • Tanja Pasanen
  • Sophia Vassilaki
  • Eevi Huuskonen
  • Emma Reiman
  • Emily Mikkonen
  • Nico Laine

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